The Future of LArevivalist and ModMyth Media Online

Cross-posted from LArevivalist:

I have not updated LArevivalist in quite some time. But I want to make clear that I have not forgotten or abandoned it.

On the contrary, it became clear to me that the site’s potential usefulness and popularity has outgrown my ability to adequately maintain it as a “side project” along my other ventures, chiefly the production of One of Them: The Suburbs, premiering online in October.

I can’t say for sure when LArevivalist will come back, but I hope that it will be soon. What I can say is that my plan is to hand the day-to-day updating operations over to a staff of fellow SoCal cinephiles, and stay on board as Editor-in-Chief. When it returns, it will likely do so in a modified form–some combination of the original, single-film posts, and the longer-form “LArev 2.0” articles.

In the meanwhile, I welcome everyone reading this to follow me on Twitter @garyiacobucci, where I will be sure to update on the progress of ModMyth Media’s projects. The (admittedly underdeveloped) blog remains active, and I will try to post on that with greater regularity as One of Them moves into post-production.  This blog will soon be revamped and expanded with an all-new, original design that will better unify the various online tendrils of Modern Mythos Media and LArevivalist.

Lastly, look for the first arc of One of Them in October! It heralds the beginning of a new era for myself and my company. I am excited to be a part of a new generation of digital storytellers who are embracing the future of cinema.

See you back here sometime soon,

Gary Iacobucci
Owner, Modern Mythos Media


About Gary

Gary Iacobucci is the founder of Modern Mythos Media, a narrative arts label exploring web cinema and more, and LA Revivalist. He has worked with small businesses, independent filmmakers, and performance collectives to help bring their artistic and professional visions to life. Tweet him @garyiacobucci.

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