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Right now, you can enter “” in your address bar and be taken to my launch page, where the various tendrils of my online presence meet.

It’s courtesy of, a web service that’s part of a new wave of such sites, designed to act as a kind of fast-acting adhesive for the digital soul’s growing collection of blogs, microblogs, web sites, online portfolios, and social networking profiles.

I can’t recommend this service enough if you’re looking for a quick, no-pain way to fix your web presence. First, you will you get a nice simple address (, unless you forward your own domain like I did) that you can give people and clients.

But more invaluable than that, your SEO will go up like that. Before I created my launch page, Googling “gary iacobucci” resulted in a few scattered posts to my dad’s O.C. band (the Gasoline Addicts) and some robo-copied YouTube clickspam pages of the “Laser Mission” music video I made, like, four years ago.

But now? The first thing that shows up is my LinkedIn profile, and right behind that is! (Of course, starting out with a name like “Gary Iacobucci” helps. For all the “John Williams” of the world…well, good luck.)